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Chance Hoskinson

Meet Chance Hoskinson, Senior Account Manager

We continue our Meet the Team series with Chance Hoskinson, Senior Account Manager at LocateSmarter. Chance Hoskinson started off his professional career at a collection agency before moving to the data world. In this blog, Chance talks about his previous experience in collections, his favorite places to travel for business and how he tolerates the harsh Iowa winter. Continue reading to learn more about Chance Hoskinson…

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Random Things We're Thankful for this Thanksgiving

50 Random Things We’re Thankful for this Thanksgiving

Every year at Thanksgiving, we go around the table and say what we’re thankful for. Usually, it’s the same predictable themes mentioned such as family, friends, our health, finances, etc. Those things are without a doubt important, but there are so many other things that are overlooked, so without further au due, here are 50 random, small and somewhat unusual things LocateSmarter employees are appreciating this November.

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Brandon Huisman LocateSmarter Manager of Analytics

Meet Brandon Huisman, Analytics Manager

We continue our Meet the Team series with Brandon Huisman, Manager of Analytics at LocateSmarter. Brandon started off his professional career in the mortgage industry before moving to collections and data. His numbers-driven approach has helped to improve both our products’ performance and our clients’ collection and dialing strategies, resulting in more RPCs and operational efficiency. In this blog, Brandon talks about the importance of call/account disposition data, his role as Manager of Analytics, and why it took him three days to find his car in 2008. Continue reading to learn more about Brandon Huisman…

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Tyler Benson LocateSmarter Product Manager

Meet Tyler Benson, LocateSmarter Product Manager

We continue our Meet the Team series. This month, we introduce you to Tyler Benson, LocateSmarter Product Manager. Tyler got his start in the collections/data industry in 2010 facilitating analytics for a collection agency, and then began at LocateSmarter in 2014 serving in various roles in both sales and product development. Continue reading to learn what motivates him, what products are next on the LocateSmarter roadmap and which superhero Tyler repeatedly dressed up as for Halloween.

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DJ Perry

Meet DJ Perry, Lead Development Rep

We continue our Meet the Team series. This month, we introduce you to DJ Perry, LocateSmarter Lead Development Representative. DJ began working for LocateSmarter after working in third party collections for 7 years. Learn more about his professional background, his first job at the age of 11, and what DJ has in common with the NFL’s David Johnson.

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LocateSmarter President Jonathan Brooks

Meet our New President, Jonathan Brooks

Welcome to the team Jonathan Brooks! We are very excited to have you on board.

Jonathan Brooks joins LocateSmarter with over twenty years of experience in the data and collections industries. Most recently, Brooks served as Executive Vice President at Enformion and led the development of its online skip tracing platform, batch processing services and key strategic alliances. Jonathan Brooks also founded TriaxData in 1996 and continues to serve as Chairman of the Board of Directors. He also acted as a consultant to LocateSmarter in 2014 and 2015.

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