Ways to Spend Less Money Skip Tracing

Where Are Your Wrong Numbers Coming From?

Wrong numbers can be very costly both from a performance standpoint and due to the risk of CFPB complaints, fines and lawsuits. It is important to identify which skip tracing vendor(s) are putting you most at risk as it can have major financial impacts.

Tip 3: Identify Where Your Wrong Numbers Are Coming From to Avoid Costly Lawsuits

Wrong Numbers by Data Provider


Our analytics client had 12 lawsuits brought against them due to wrong numbers. During our analysis of their wrong numbers and disposition data, we found that 9 of the 12 phone numbers came from the same skip tracing vendor. As a result, they eliminated that vendor.

By evaluating and eliminating the data providers that pose the most risk, you can protect yourself from future complaints and lawsuits.


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Author: LocateSmarter

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