5 Ways to Spend Less on Skip Tracing

Does Your Skip Tracing Strategy Align with Your Dialing Strategy?

Skip tracing will always be an important part of your debt collection process, but if not properly managed and evaluated it can end up costing more than necessary. To help avoid these cost challenges, over the next several weeks we will share with you five operational strategies to help lower your skip tracing expenses while increasing your right party contacts.

Tip 1: Ensure Your Skip Tracing Strategy Aligns with Your Dialing Strategy to Avoid Waste

Cell Phones Vs. Landline

Spending money on phone numbers you’re not going to dial just doesn’t make sense. However, this happens far too often. In this illustrated example, landline phone numbers were rarely called. To prevent unnecessary data expenses for our client, LocateSmarter modified their custom product to return less landlines and instead concentrated on cell phone numbers. Make sure your dialing strategy aligns with your skip tracing strategy to avoid waste and save money.

We hope you find this first tip to be useful towards your quest in optimizing your skip tracing process. Be sure to check back with us next week for the next tip of our 5-step series where we will be focusing on helping you to identify non-performing data providers and sources. See you then.




Author: LocateSmarter

LocateSmarter offers customizable skip tracing and compliance solutions that improve contact rates, reduce operating costs and minimize the risk of litigation. With agile development, superior customer service and transparency through analytics, we deliver products built by end users, for end users.

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