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Batch Skip Tracing KPIs – Descriptions & Best Practices

In our previous blog, “Pros and Cons of Different Batch Skip Tracing Tests“, we discussed three types of batch phone append tests you might use when trying to evaluate a new or existing skip tracing vendor. The three tests described were: champion challenge (overlap), champion challenge (A/B test) and a retroactive test. While each type of test has its pros and cons, each test also has varying skip tracing KPIs. We’ve outlined the key performance indicators, how to measure them and what tests they are best suited for.

Batch Skip Tracing Key Performance Indicators – Phone Append Test


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Brandon Huisman

Author: Brandon Huisman

As LocateSmarter’s Senior Manager of Operations & Technology Services, Brandon Huisman evaluates data providers in the skip tracing industry to provide our clients with the best possible data. As an avid outdoorsman, Brandon enjoys hunting and fishing, taking yearly trips to Canada.