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Uncomplicating Phone Score

Using a phone score to drive dialing strategies can be daunting for many companies. Complicated strategy products can be hard to test and a nightmare to implement. As Brandon Huisman explains, however, testing and implementing phone score can be simplified without changing effectiveness.

What problem does phone score solve?

Scoring is a common practice in many companies’ business processes. Most scores are used at the account level – scoring models that help identify consumers that will provide a positive ROI vs. those that will not. If you deal with a high volume of phone numbers, it makes sense to apply these same principles to the phones you dial by determining which phone numbers will lead you to Right Party Contacts and which phone numbers will not. If you are seeking a simple, effective way to maximize your dialing strategies, phone scoring is your solution.

How do I validate that it will work for me?

It actually takes minimal time and effort to validate the impact of phone scoring. First, identify a sample of phones that have been active in your dialing strategies for the past 30 days. Next, score all phones and query your dialer for call results for each phone. Comparing the call results with the scores on the phones will give insight into how phone scoring can identify both data that is performing and data that is adding inefficiency, cost, and risk to your organization.

How do I implement it?

Phone Score

Even with the array of different systems and software, implementing phone score strategies can be almost as easy as proving phone score value. One way to simplify requirements and strategy changes is to analyze the test data and identify 3 – 5 score segments based on the performance metrics. These segments can then be used to apply a set of rules that determine what numbers gets sent to the dialer, and how often they should be dialed – very similar to the way many organizations utilize account scoring.

Is phone score for me?

If you find yourself intrigued by the value phone scoring can offer, but wary of implementing a new product into your CRM, remember that you can keep things simple and still receive an impressive return on investment: increased efficiency and decreased risk.

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Brandon Huisman

Author: Brandon Huisman

As LocateSmarter’s Senior Manager of Operations & Technology Services, Brandon Huisman evaluates data providers in the skip tracing industry to provide our clients with the best possible data. As an avid outdoorsman, Brandon enjoys hunting and fishing, taking yearly trips to Canada.