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We continue our Meet the Team series with Terri Smock, Technical Project Manager at LocateSmarter. Terri Smock fell in love with technology while working at a mortgage company in the 80s and she continues to be amazed at how technology is changing the business landscape today. In this blog, find out about Terri’s first desktop computer experience, her entrepreneurial spirit, and how she spends her time outside of work. Continue reading to learn more about Terri Smock…

Q&As with Terri Smock

Terri, you’ve been at LocateSmarter since the beginning, about four years now. Where did you work before and how does that position help you succeed at LocateSmarter? 

“Most of my work experience has been invested in business management or technology roles. I knew I landed the right job in my early career when the mortgage banking company I worked for bought their first desktop computer and placed it on my desk. My job was to figure out how spreadsheets and word documents could streamline process and change our business. This company employed >1,000 people at that office location and email, networking and internet was not yet in the workplace. I fell in love with technology, the typewriters disappeared, and I was building networks and installing PCs on every desk. Those years were exciting, and I understood technology was changing the business landscape in unimaginable ways.

While my answer proves I’m the team ‘senior’, joining a new startup 4 years ago felt like my early career again where technology and innovative thinking would bring change to a data industry that would improve with evolution. I jumped at the opportunity.”

What’s a typical day look like for Terri Smock?

“My time is split between project planning and implementation of our development road map, application support, product development, vendor management and integrations with business partners or clients. It’s a great mix of responsibilities where I have the opportunity to exercise my favorite job-related tasks … application development and networking with our business partners and clients.”

What differentiates LocateSmarter?

“Easy answer: People, Products and Customer Service.

While our team has always been gifted with strong leaders, energy and innovative thinkers … the dynamics of our group have evolved. We remain agile, think outside of the box and have the bandwidth to quickly customize a solution. When the right people with the right skillset position themselves in areas of the business where they are most productive and effective, the team matures to the champion level.

We take pride in our product selection and workflow application. We have the best Phone Append product in the market because of algorithms and custom match logic that captures premier phones from multiple sources. And, our workflow tool is powerful. In minutes, we can build a workflow where products are sequenced to align with a business strategy.

We are a customer service centric company. Throughout my career and regardless of position, success is eminent when you listen and learn from your clients and have people with the know-how to make it happen. You must exceed client experience and expectation – where they benefit financially and intellectually. We don’t just deliver data, we educate our clients how to use it efficiently and strategically.”

When you’re not at work, how do you like to spend your free time?

“The obvious answer is time spent with family, my 7-month-old grandson and friends. If I’m not riding my bike – I’m thinking about it.

And, I (tell myself) I’m pretty good at home décor and design. In 2000, I exited the corporate world to fulfill a dream to own my own home décor retail business. I bought and remodeled a local downtown cobblestone building where I spent 7 years selling home décor, furniture and gifts. I missed the corporate network of people and technology so returned to my previous job. Just for fun, I still have my wholesale license and enjoy a scaled down version of my home décor business in a boutique located in my home town.”

Who has been the most influential person in your life?

“My answer is twofold – my parents and my children. My parents undoubtedly are the best people I know. In my lifetime, they have never waivered from being good, kind people who practiced what they seldom said out loud: be respectful, honest, responsible, accountable, work hard, have integrity and have manners. Be positive, thankful, humble, pray and love your family above all things. Surround yourself with great people with great expectations. Secondly, learn from your children. They will prove to you that patience, forgiveness, acceptance and humor can dwindle if you don’t practice enough.”

What feature do you think is really beneficial to our clients that they might not realize?

“I can’t say enough about our Phone Append product. We continually invest significant research in phone quality and when a client returns dialing results to our analytics team, we use proven statistics to show you how to increase productivity and save money. Combine Phone Append in a multi-product workflow where we return a phone only if the consumer information is not associated with a bankruptcy, litigious activity or is deceased, the RPC improves even more. Add the Litigious Phone scrub to the process and if the phone is associated with litigious activity, the client will likely elect to never call it. In summary, when a client leverages our platform and analytics to create an optimal output, not only do they realize revenue and process improvement, they have proven data to measure strategy changes going forward.  ”


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Terri Smock

Author: Terri Smock

As Product Owner, Terri works with the development team to meet product needs based on client feedback. Outside of work, Terri delights in biking, boating, and taking yearly trips with family and friends to Mexico.