Meet Michael Magarrell

Meet Michael Magarrell

LocateSmarter’s Meet the Team series continues with Michael Magarrell. Michael will be fulfilling customer needs as an Account Development Executive. Learn about Michael’s impressive background, what he’s looking forward to in the future and how his first sales job involved a bicycle.

Q&As with Michael Magarrell

Michael, you are now LocateSmarter’s newest employee. Where did you work before and how will that position help you succeed at LocateSmarter?

“I am so thrilled to be part of this awesome team! I come most recently from TransUnion and while that experience will certainly help me with data, analytics, and similar tools, my 30 years in collections and BPO will be the most relied upon from my past. My experience also includes working at TSI, ACT/Convergent, and Windham Professionals over 15 of those years.”

What are you most excited about as you get started with LocateSmarter?

“The innovation and willingness to look outside the box. There are plenty of entrenched data providers that keep doing it the same way. I love providing solutions for challenges and changing status quo. I also love humbling 900-pound gorillas and watching them scramble to catch up.”

When you’re not at work, how do you like to spend your free time?

“I have been very involved in youth lacrosse. I coached for 5 years and now volunteer on the sideline. With a boy entering his senior season, lacrosse will be a major focus. After he is off to college, I will be back to golfing and brewing beer. “

What is one thing people may not know about Michael Magarrell?

“That I am fairly shy. When working 7-digit deals or speaking in front of a large crowd, work Michael takes over. I can do what I need to do. However, my wife and I may never have met if she did not introduce herself to me. I was struggling to remember my name.”

We’re over halfway through 2019, what would you like to accomplish most before the end of the year?

“We seem to be on record pace for 2019 and kudos to the team however, I would love to see how much I can affect the trajectory. I also want to rekindle many relationships in the ARM industry that waned due to busy schedules and being scattered across the country. I would also like to be paying for myself in new logo sales.”

What are you most surprised about so far at LocateSmarter?

“I think the size vs the disruption. LocateSmarter is very small compared to much of the competition. However, the name and the solutions are getting known in favorable light. The work behind the scenes that will propel our solutions into 2020 is very exciting and will start to make the big players uncomfortable. I never want to wish away time but cannot wait to see where we are this time next year!”

As an Oregonian, what is your favorite part about living in the Northwest?

“Within a couple hours of my home I can be on any size hill, bluff or mountain, any size pond, lake, stream, or river. I can be in the deep forest, rain forest, high desert or ocean beach. One can water ski, snow ski, and golf all year. It is green all year around, with incredible colors in fall, and the summers are perfect. Four distinct seasons; none of them severe. I have had a number of opportunities to move elsewhere for work, it was always a deal-breaker.”

Okay now a series of quick questions…

Favorite Book: Reamde by Neal Stephenson. It has it all!

Favorite Food: My rotisserie ribeye roast with shallot & shitake red wine reduction.

First Job: Paper route, yes, on a bicycle. Had to sell, distribute, and collect.

Favorite Saying: Create value for the world each day; live life to a net positive.

Favorite Season: Spring. Everything is waking up from sleep and the smells are incredible.


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