Meet Marcie

Meet Marcie Levine

Our Meet the Team series continues with Marcie Levine. Marcie is our new Account Development Executive with a lot of experience in the data industry. Find out how Marcie spends her day, what keeps her moving, and her experience with snowplows.

Q&As with Marcie Levine

Marcie, you are LocateSmarter’s newest employee. Where did you work before and how will your experience help LocateSmarter grow?

“I was with one of the credit bureaus for most of my career and then worked at some other data companies that specialized in identity, risk and fraud, compliance and collections. My experience in working with different industries, including financial, lending and utilities, helped me understand their pain points. I use this knowledge to help LocateSmarter navigate these industries using their solutions and data analysis.”

What does a typical work day look like for you as an Account Development Executive for LocateSmarter?

“I spend my days consulting with clients and reaching out to my contacts, as well as new prospects, as I continue to grow my industry knowledge.  There are always new solutions as well as compliance and legal issues to tackle.”

When you’re not at work, how do you like to spend your free time?

“Walking. I have a 75-pound dog that has quite a bit of energy and needs to be walked a lot. I also like to go hiking and just spend time outside. It’s a little more difficult to do during the winters in Chicago, but I have learned the art of layers!”

If you could have dinner with anyone – dead or alive – who would you choose?

“My father. It was at his funeral 23 years ago that I realized I was pregnant with my daughter, so he never got to meet my children. I’ve learned quite a bit about his time in the war since then. He flew on very dangerous planes and took pictures of the landscape, so the soldiers would know where to go. They never knew if the planes would make it back or not. His bravery in the war helps me understand how he handled having four daughters”.

What is the most surprising feature or benefit of LocateSmarter have you discovered so far?

“Hands down it’s LocateSmarter’s emphasis on quality and service.”

Winter is fast approaching, what is your favorite part about our colder months?

“The first big snow is so beautiful. I look forward to seeing how white everything is before anyone walks on the snow. There’s a sense of camaraderie with all my neighbors outside shoveling and talking about it. Of course, after we’re done, the snowplows come and put the snow back on our driveways and the illusion is gone.”

Okay now a series of quick questions…

Favorite Book: The Giving Tree – I cry every time I read it – I also like all the Grisham books

Favorite Food: Asian (sushi, Chinese, Thai) and Italian

Least Favorite Food: Anything slimy

Irrational Fear: I like to be in certain rows when I’m on an airplane

First Job: I sold jewelry in a store similar to Target but on a smaller scale

Favorite Saying: It’s not what happens to you in life, it’s how you handle it

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Julie Anderson

Author: Julie Anderson

Julie is our Manager of Operations and comes from a background in debt collection and technology. While not at work, Julie appreciates a good read and heading north to enjoy cabin life with family.