Amy Deinert

Meet Amy Deinert

Our Meet the Team series continues with Amy Deinert. Amy is the new front line for LocateSmarter as our Operations Administrator. Find out how Amy’s work history will benefit our clients, what her dream vacation entails and what cannot reside on top of her pizza.

Q&As with Amy Deinert

Amy, you are LocateSmarter’s newest employee. Where did you work before and how will that position help you succeed at LocateSmarter?

“Before coming to LocateSmarter, I worked for UnityPoint supporting the sales of medical equipment to customers. Prior to that, I was an international sales support representative for Arctic Cat, Inc., managing the sales and logistic processes for 40 locations world-wide. Both jobs have allowed me daily customer facing experiences and enhanced my problem-solving skills, which will help me succeed in my role as Operations Admin. “

What are you most excited about as you get to know your role with LocateSmarter?

“I am excited to get to know our clients and making sure that their needs are met with the products and services that LocateSmarter offers. I love the satisfaction of knowing that I was able to help someone improve their way of business, even in a small way.”

When you’re not at work, how do you like to spend your free time?

“You can often find me traveling on the weekends (mostly to MN & SD) to visit friends and family whenever I get a chance. I also enjoy spending as much time as possible outside, especially in the summer months. I love to go hiking, running, fishing, and floating to name a few. “

What is one thing people may not know about Amy Deinert?

“I have gone sky diving even though heights freak me out. It made it that much more meaningful when I conquered my fear. It was an awesome experience, but I don’t think I will ever do it again. However, I would definitely suggest doing it if you’ve ever thought about it before.”

2019 has just begun, what do you think the year holds for you?

“Hopefully a year full of health and happiness! Couldn’t ask for anything more.”

You mentioned you spend a lot of time in Minnesota and South Dakota. Where else would you like to travel some day?

“I actually have plans to go to Europe this summer with my husband. I have been wanting to go there for a while now, and what better way to celebrate our one-year wedding anniversary? The places we plan to travel are Italy, Paris, Rome and everywhere in between! I’m very excited for all the sight-seeing and to eat an excessive amount of gelato.”

Okay now a series of quick questions…

Favorite Book: I’m more of a podcast person myself

Favorite Food: Pizza – any kind as long as there are no olives on top

First Job: I worked as a waitress in high school at an assisted living community… elderly folks can be a tough crowd when it comes to food

Favorite Saying:Without struggle, there is no progress

Favorite Season: Summer

Get to know Amy Deinert even more. Connect with her on LinkedIn.


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