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Meet Alix Schmidt, Account Development Executive

We continue our Meet the Team series with Alix Schmidt, Account Development Executive at LocateSmarter. Alix Schmidt started off her professional career at a software company before moving to the data/collections world. In this blog, Alix talks about her typical day at work, community involvement and she reveals a secret you’d never expect from her. Continue reading to learn more about Alix Schmidt…

Q&As with Alix Schmidt

Where did you work before LocateSmarter and how has your previous job experience helped you in your role today?

“Before working at LocateSmarter, I sold business management software that helped to manage vendors and data. I spent a lot of my time on the phone and doing webinars. Through my experience at LocateSmarter and my previous job, I’ve found the best learning comes from asking questions and digging as much as allowed to understand the operations of our clients and determine where we can provide the most lift. Understanding current process and needs has been key, and as much as I love talking about what we do (because we ARE different in how we partner with clients to customize solutions – sorry couldn’t help myself) the key is listening and getting the whole picture. Then, I can determine whether or not we make sense and where we can help.”

What’s a typical day look like for you at LocateSmarter?

“A typical day includes internal strategy meetings, test meetings with clients, discovery calls, and lots of emails and/or texts. I’d love to talk with more people on the phone, but most people seem more inclined to answer an email, so the calls are usually reserved for meetings. I love the research part of my job. I can learn something new every day. And the best part is when I get to speak with people and learn about their processes and their experiences. Everyone has a different story, and I enjoy hearing them all.”

As the Account Development Executive at LocateSmarter, you occasionally travel for work. What is one of your favorite cities to visit and why?

“I think Boston and out east has been my favorite. The 2016 ACA Annual conference was in Boston, and it was such a great time all around. I experienced my first brew tour, met some great people, rented a bike with a co-worker and toured the city, and had my introduction to Cioppino Seafood Stew – east coast fish and Iowa fish are wildly different. Bonus perk – no allergies!”

When you’re not at work, how do you like to spend your free time?

“I have a 7-year-old son who is full of life and energy, so I’m usually trying to wear him out. We just started a monthly “Kids in the Kitchen” class, and he’s getting some real insight into why we order out a lot. We’re into crafts and science experiments, so during the winter days, you can find us at a craft store or at home creating things. I love to stay active and cardio is my jam, so I love to hit the trails with some music and get lost in my thoughts. I love anything and everything active, so summers are usually spent outside. I love helping at church in the youth programs, so I spend my Sundays in the nursery getting my baby fix, and on Wednesday nights, I volunteer at AWANA.”

What is one thing people may not know about Alix Schmidt?

“I’m very much an introvert and a bit shy, but moving 16+ times growing up, I had to learn to talk to new people.”

Editor’s Note: Knowing Alix’s personality, you would never expect her to label herself as an introvert.

LocateSmarter’s headquarters are located in Cedar Falls, Iowa – a place that can be pretty cold during the winter months. So, dreaming of warmer weather, if you could go on an all expense-paid vacation right now… where would you go?

“Australia! I want to go explore their island and beaches, take a journey into the Outback, observe the wildlife and maybe even dive with some sharks. There’s so much to do and I’d try to do it all. Australia is about as far away as you can get, so we may need to make this a one-month all expenses paid trip. Dream Big!”

Okay, we know you’re in sales, so here’s your chance… what product do you want to plug and why should people contact you about it?

“Hands down our phones. We started building our phone append product in 2014 and it’s been incredible watching the team evolve it to what it is today. Test-after-test, we’re told by our soon-to-be-clients that we far exceeded expectations and they can’t wait to implement – it’s a great feeling. You should call me because I want to have that story with you too!”

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Lastly, since Valentine’s Day is approaching soon, we have one question: chocolate or flowers? 

“Flowers – either the classic red rose or white roses with red tips. All the colors have different meanings so getting the color right is pretty darn important.”

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