A St. Patrick’s Day Blog: 6 Short Stories About Luck

When you think about St Patrick’s Day, several things come to mind: getting pinched for not wearing green, shamrocks, leprechauns, green beer, Ireland and pots of gold. Well, our employees may not have stories about finding gold at the end of the rainbow, but they have had some good luck. Check out some of the good fortune our employees have had over the years:


Grant MorfittGrant Morfitt, Analyst
Fortune Cookie Predicted a Scholarship

“In college, I got a fortune cookie once that read: “Great fortune will come your way.” Later that night at the Union, they had a drawing for a $1,000 scholarship for the next semester. I ended up winning the money. Even crazier is that one of my lucky numbers was 11, and the date… November 11th.  Some of my friends say that the drawing happened at 11:11 at night, but I can’t verify that.”


Lindsey NewcombLindsey Newcomb, Manager of Marketing & Communications
Missed Flight = Lucky Jackpot

“When I was at the 2014 NARCA Fall Forum, I won a $4,500 jackpot after only playing slots for 5 minutes. If it wasn’t for the fact I missed my connecting flight in Dallas and got into Vegas later than expected, that jackpot might have not happened.”


Tyler BensonTyler Benson, Product Manager
An Unforgettable Basketball Game

“When I was in college my roommate’s parents were supposed to come down for a basketball game and for whatever reason couldn’t make the trip last second. He asked me if I wanted one of their tickets and I said yes. It was the only basketball game I attended while at Virginia Tech and we beat Duke, who was ranked #1 in the country at the time, at home.

I consider this to be lucky because it is still to this day the most electric atmosphere I’ve ever experienced firsthand at a sporting event – and I wasn’t supposed to be there.”


Roger HoeperRoger Hoeper, Software Developer
Fundraising Luck

“Fundraisers can be fun, an opportunity to meet up with new people, and satisfy that human need to give back to your community. Karma usually restores whatever you invest in fundraisers by how that non-profit uses their resources to benefit your community.

At the last fundraiser I went to (for Impact Outdoors), luck treated me especially well by bestowing upon me a kayak from a lucky raffle ticket I purchased. Did I mention that fundraisers can be fun?”


Chance HoskinsonChance Hoskinson, Senior Account Manager
Another Win? 

“I’m notorious for winning raffles. I’ve won everything from camping gear, TVs, electronics, guns and trips. For whatever reason, my tickets always seem to be the ones that get pulled out of the pile. I also get tons of free hotel room and car upgrades when I travel. It’s become noticeable to the point that friends and co-workers are starting to get a little annoyed. It seems that whenever things are left to chance, the scales tip in my favor.”


DJ PerryDJ Perry, Lead Development Representative
The Reappearing Keys

“I lost my keys at the gym last year – expensive to replace key fob for my vehicle along with important keys. I looked everywhere the day I misplaced them and couldn’t find them, so I reported them lost. About 6 months later, I got a message that my keys had been found!”

The LocateSmarter team wishes you luck and fortune this St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

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Author: LocateSmarter

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