How We Choose our Phone Append Data Sources

You’ve heard the phrase, “Behind every great man is a great woman.” Well, a similar concept applies to our proprietary phone append product. (“Behind every great data product is great data sources.”)

The reason why LocateSmarter Phone Append is a great phone append product is because of our selective choice in data sources. Before adding a data source to our product, they undergo thorough testing and must meet our high expectations when it comes to quality, uniqueness, security, automation and price. Here are a few things taken into consideration:

1. Data Quality
The LocateSmarter platform was created with a focus on quality, so ensuring our data sources are providing top quality data is our number one priority. To do this, we test our data sources in live environments through beta users and client partnerships to validate quality metrics such as right party contacts (RPCs). This helps us determine which match codes return the best outputs (RPCs) and which match codes to remove to reduce unnecessary risk (wrong numbers). (Learn how data quality affects performance here.)

2. Uniqueness
It is important that any new data sources complement our existing product; data sources with overlapping data would not provide much value to our customers. To ensure high quality results, we compare a new data source’s database types against our existing relationships and then, run tests to identify the unique results returned.

3. Security
The security of our data and our clients’ data is another top priority. Each vendor is required to complete a security questionnaire prior to being utilized on the LocateSmarter platform. A few items taken into consideration are physical security, data encryption, data storage, firewalls, employee hiring process & incident response plan. All of these items must meet or exceed LocateSmarter standards for the data source to be considered as an option on the platform.

4. Automation
Because the LocateSmarter platform was built for batch processing, the capability for data sources to automate files is a must. Potential data sources should be able to process files very quickly, which enables us to return files to our customers in a timely manner.

5. Pricing/Terms
The final item taken into consideration is pricing. We want to be sure that the data sources’ pricing aligns with the product we are offering our customers and that the terms are mutually beneficial.

By evaluating the above criteria and continuously monitoring our data sources, we create lasting partnerships and provide our customers with the highest quality data at the lowest price. If you are interested in becoming a beta client, please contact us at 866-912-1314 or email


Author: LocateSmarter

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