Random Things We're Thankful for this Thanksgiving

50 Random Things We’re Thankful for this Thanksgiving

Every year at Thanksgiving, we go around the table and say what we’re thankful for. Usually, it’s the same predictable themes mentioned such as family, friends, our health, finances, etc. Those things are without a doubt important, but there are so many other things that are overlooked, so without further au due, here are 50 random, small and somewhat unusual things LocateSmarter employees are appreciating this November.

Lindsey NewcombLindsey Newcomb
Manager of Marketing & Communications

• When your favorite Netflix series puts out another season
• The soft feel of brand new socks
• Finding forgotten money in my coat or pants pockets
• Marking tasks off my to-do list


Tyler BensonTyler Benson
Product Manager

• Fantasy Football
• When the Starbucks barista actually spells your name correctly
• All dogs
• The whole row to yourself on an airplane


DJ PerryDJ Perry
Lead Development Representative

• When that part that broke on your car is covered under warranty
• The nights your kids go to bed on time
• Mashed potatoes in general
• When your favorite hot spot for dinner on the weekend has a 5 minute wait or less

Julie AndersonJulie Anderson
Manager of Operations

• Looking in your rearview mirror and realizing you DIDN’T run over that squirrel
• The rare occasion when all of your children are in the same room with you (and getting along)
• Sweaters and boots in the fall (fall though, not winter)
• The expanding emoji selection that helps me better express my feelings via text

Roger HoeperRoger Hoeper
Software Developer

• Coffee – Mornings just start off better with coffee, preferably a nice Caramel Mocha
• Games – Board Games, Computer Games, or Cards; they help inject fun into life.
• Ice Cream – Let’s face it, everything is better with ice cream.
• Post-it notes – How else could you remember what you were told?

Chance HoskinsonChance Hoskinson
Account Manager

• A new season of Stranger Things on Netflix
• Getting to the gym when no one else is there and you don’t have to wait on stations
• 90’s music trivia
• When the car you rent is unavailable and you get a sweet upgrade

Holly MulleschHolly Mullesch
Client Advocate

• Chickens running – have you ever seen it? It’s adorable!
• Puppy snuggles on a cold day
• Random adventures – wineries, day trips, etc.
• Mahogany Teakwood Bath & Body Works candles (my life wouldn’t be the same without them)

Brandon MedlinBrandon Medlin
Director of Operations

• Elastic waistbands
• Fishing and hunting season
• Every Thanksgiving, not being a turkey


Terri SmockTerri Smock
Technical Project Manager

• Laughter – it’s very powerful
• Warm weather in the winter months so I can ride my bike
• Decorating my house for the holidays
• Mexican Restaurants – I’ve been to all of them in Waterloo/Cedar Falls!

Grant MorfittGrant Morfitt

• Only 5 months till baseball starts again
• Final Fantasy video games
• JRR Tolkien for creating Lord of the Rings
• Kit Kats – my go-to because of wife’s nut allergy


Brandon HuismanBrandon Huisman
Manager of Analytics

• The bite of the first drink of a Mountain Dew in the morning
• Rock music (no, Nickelback doesn’t count)
• When I pull out a camouflage coat and my dog goes crazy
• Flip flops


Alix SchmidtAlix Schmidt
Account Development Executive

• When clients/prospects respond with memes
• Just one season closer to a new GOT
• Getting to decide for myself if I want to wear ugly sweaters

Warren WulfWarren Wulf
Application Database Developer

• Netflix so I don’t have to watch commercials
• Canada for some great fishing
• Fall season for Football and Hunting
• Rocky Mountains for great scenery and awesome snowmobiling

We hope you enjoyed our list of “50 Random Things We’re Thankful For This Thanksgiving”. What would you add to our list?


Author: LocateSmarter

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