DJ Perry

Meet DJ Perry, Lead Development Rep

We continue our Meet the Team series. This month, we introduce you to DJ Perry, LocateSmarter Lead Development Representative. DJ began working for LocateSmarter after working in third party collections for 7 years. Learn more about his professional background, his first job at the age of 11, and what DJ has in common with the NFL’s David Johnson.

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LocateSmarter Newsletter - September 2017

LocateSmarter Newsletter – August 2017

We invite you to check out this month’s LocateSmarter newsletter. Every month, we will bring you new and exciting information about our products, our LocateSmarter team, upcoming events and more. This month’s New Feature spotlight will focus on our newest addition to phone append, LocateSmarter’s re-skip feature. Our goal at LocateSmarter is to share interesting and insightful information with our readers that is relevant to the collections industry and your business. So, don’t miss a thing and subscribe to our newsletter today!

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LocateSmarter Manila Operations

Philippines: Asia’s New Outsourcing Star

When you think Philippines, what first comes to mind? If you’re like me you may have thought of it as a small but beautiful country that struggles to keep up with its neighboring Asian countries in terms of economy, education and communications infrastructure. Well, I have since learned that today, many in the global economy are recognizing the Philippines as their preferred destination for outsourcing. In fact, business insider experts agree that the Philippines is currently experiencing rapid GDP growth and noticeable improvements in the following sectors:

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